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Miso The Superfood

Miso is unrivaled in the food world for its potent healing properties. Having been a staple in Japanese and Chinese diets for thousands of years, miso has been touted to be useful for everything from improved digestion, weight loss, a probiotic source and strengthening the immune system.

‘Miso’ means fermented in Japanese, and is most commonly made from fermenting steamed soy beans, rice and other beans, with salt and the fungus aspergillum or Koji.

The miso used in Earth Café’s soups and other sauces and dishes is made from brown rice and long fermented – aged for at least 6 months to produce the maximum amount of gut friendly bacteria. Dark miso is usually fermented between 3-5 years. Those that don’t eat grains or soy products can use chickpea miso. Nonetheless both should be strictly non-GMO, non-MSG and not made from powders or extracts as found in most Japanese restaurants. By heating below boiling point the miso can also retain it's friendly bacteria for optimum healing properties.

Through the long fermentation process miso becomes potently rich in enzymes and enhances the natural probiotics present. These probiotics, or good bacteria help maintain gut health and are fantastic for digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Multiple studies have also shown that miso can have a positive impact on the fight against cancer. As it is so high in antioxidants, it’s been shown to inhibit the development of tumors and to prevent radiation injury. It’s also a powerful source of vitamins and nutrients, containing copper, manganese, B vitamins, vitamin K and phosphorus.

Miso soup with ramen ( serves 6 )

2 carrots matchsticks cut

6 shiitake mushrooms sliced

1 onion half moon sliced

1 strip of wakame seaweed or 1 table spoon loose

Half cup white cabbage thinly sliced

3 litter water

4 table spoon miso of your choice

scallions for garnish

Tofu cubes optional

Rinse all veggies and cut same style to create harmonious mix

bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. soak wakame in cold water and add to the soup 5 minutes before end. dilute the miso paste with some of the soup water. turn off the flame and add the miso. boil noodles of your choice . Place ready noodles in a bowl , top with the soup and veggies and garnish with chopped scallions

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