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Let your liver do the talking

It’s only February but the spring is right around the corner. As nature has its seasons so does our body that has its own schedule, seasons, timings and patterns. Living in harmony with nature is understanding the changes and the patterns and not only adapting but also preparing our ‘vehicle’ for it . In order to be in-tune with nature we apply this ‘schedule’ not only to our diets, activities and vacations but also for diets and cleanses. As in those we can assimilate great healing.

Saturday March 22nd 2021 exactly 5:37 am spring equinox will knock on your door ( in the northern hemisphere) . Spring will bring its surprises and as we shade clothing layers, we might experience some winter remanence. Some of which we can be prepared for with a bit of intention and direction. As the flowers bloom so are we given the time to flourish.

Nature has its biological clock and so does our body. We forget sometimes that this magnificent biodynamic computer called ‘Our Body’ has its own clock and each and every organ has its time. Understanding this rhythm can help us be well prepared. A small example ?! if you wake up at night look at the clock. Knowing the exact hour every night will help identify which organ is in stress. If you wake up around 3am then your liver might be suffering. Another sign of liver weakness will be deteriorating eyesight.

On March 22 we enter Liver month that will end exactly April 22. If you were thinking to do Liver cleanse or start drinking green juice, then this is the time. It’s also a good time to look at your sugar and alcohol consumption and reduce. Since your liver will be ready to receive care it will also suffer more if you don’t .

No wonder in Chinese medicine, according to the face reading study, the point of the liver meridian is right there between the eyes where the third eye is. Look at this space between your eyebrows to check for lines, crises and marks. In traditional medicine Liver is called The Sit of the Soul as it holds all emotions of anger and trauma and as long as you hold on to some , your liver wont heal. Let’s assume that food creates blood , blood creates emotions, those creates thoughts and actions then the quality of what you consume also dictates the quality of your thought. Liver and its ‘partner’ the Gallbladder are also related to jealousy and greed. Greed is not necessary from a financial aspect but also dissatisfaction with our lives as a whole and regardless if we have enough, we think we need more. Jealousy can come in many forms. But most important is to look at the amount of anger we are carrying with us and how we can start to let go and allow healing, starting on a cellular level.

Nature provides us with an abundance of treasures and sends us constant messages to adjust ourselves with its changes. It also provides plenty of “medicines” that are right there in our kitchen.

Let’s start by looking at the energy of spring. Seeds sprouting, leaves and grass growing, this is upward energy. The energy of spring is waking and rising after a long winter ‘sleep’. Incorporating in your diet spring onions, green leafy vegetables, herbs like coriander, and parsley are vital for liver cleans. Another importance should be given to sour flavor such as yellow lemons, apple cider vinegar and green sour apples. Those also produce Malik Acid that helps break liver toxins stored in the gallbladder. Sauerkraut is another superfood that not only is a digestion aid and helps gallbladder to eliminate toxins , it's also full of a natural vitamin C.

The ultimate Green juice

All green leaves are chlorophyll packed and once consumed as a green juice produce hemoglobin that creates new blood. Also the freshness of the greens revitalize our cells and makes us look fresh and clear. Organic green leaf veggies are also mineral abundant. If we compare the amount of Iron in one cup of organic lettuce to inorganic lettuce we find that inorganic lettuce contains 9 trace mineral parts while organic lettuce 516 trace mineral parts.

My favorite mix for slow juicer

Kale, celery , green apple, cucumber, parsley

For the blender

Kale celery, green apple, cucumber, date, water

If i can get wheatgrass i will add that too to both.

More healthy wonders are sprouts, barley green and rye. Try sprouting your seeds, grains and beans and discover a whole new world of flavors. Eat them raw or lightly sautéed in olive oil with herbs or spices to your liking. Integrate sour flavors into your food and connect to the color green. Let yourself embrace by the season and welcome the changes as it is part of you.

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